Design Changes and Audit Shelf Life


Design Changes and Audit Shelf Life

Stage 1, Combined Stage 1 & 2 and Stage 2 Road Safety Audits should be repeated if the scheme design materially changes, if there are many minor changes which could together impact on road user safety, or if the previous finalised Road Safety Audit for the relevant stage is more than five years old.

In the case of minor changes to a Highway Improvement Scheme then the repeated Road Safety Audit should only be concerned with the elements of the scheme that have been changed. If the changes are more significant or if there are many minor changes then the whole Road Safety Audit stage should be repeated.

Throughout the period following the Stage 2 Road Safety Audit, the Design Organisation and/or Contractor must keep the Highway Authority/Overseeing Organisation informed of all design changes that occur so that any requirement for an additional Stage 2 Road Safety Audit can be identified where deemed necessary.

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